Prayer Concerns

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  1. Angie Palmer says:

    Lana Likens, Lay Pastor at Alexandria Presbyterian Church, is asking for prayers for her dad, Buck Welsh. He had kidney trouble and was taken to BryanEast on Saturday. He is having dialysis (which we hope is short term) and we are hoping his kidneys will start doing better. He will likely have some time in a rehab facility before he is able to go home.

  2. Angie Palmer says:

    Please keep Ellen Campbell in your prayers as she battles bone cancer. Ellen is a licensed lay pastor that is currently serving on our personnel committee.

  3. Please pray for JoAn Ostergard. She has been living with MS for years and has now been told she has cancer. JoAn was part of the Buffalo Grove PNC which brought me to Nebraska 10 1/2 years ago. She called the other day asking for prayers and when I asked if I could put her on my prayer chain she said, “of course!” so please include her in your prayers.

    Thank you.

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