Confirmation Project

The Confirmation Project seeks to learn the extent to which confirmation and equivalent practices (CEP) in five Protestant denominations in the United States are effective for strengthening discipleship in youth. Strengthening discipleship includes nurturing faith in Jesus Christ and facilitating youth encounters with Christian traditions (Scripture, creeds, confessions, and practices) to support lifelong Christian vocation. The five denominations in this project include: the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the Episcopal Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the United Methodist Church. This project is funded by the Lilly Foundation, Inc. and seeks to provide ministry leaders within the Christian church examples of strategies and practices that are effective in helping young Christians grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Churches in the PC(USA) will receive an e-mail link to our confirmation survey on October 1, 2014. By taking the time to fill out the survey, you can help us better understand the depth, breadth, and effectiveness of confirmation and equivalent practices in the PC(USA). We look forward to learning from you and your ministry! To learn more, visit our website at


FEBRUARY 14, 2015



Christ United Methodist Church

4530 A Street Lincoln, NE

Presbytery Pastoral Care Network 15th Annual Gathering – October 27-30

Presbytery Pastoral Care Network
15th Annual Gathering | October 27-30
First Presbyterian Church | Fort Worth, Texas
presented in collaboration with
Synod of the Sun


Attend this conference if you….

  • care about the health of the church and believe that the healthier clergy are, the healthier our churches will be;
  • understand that to be in ministry in our anxious age is an almost overwhelming challenge;
  • have read study after study across denominations discovering that the health of clergy is worse than the average population;
  • know that even the best of clergy can experience loneliness and isolation, recognizing that when a pastor does get into trouble, a contributing factor is the isolation of the pastor from others who can help him or her process what is happening;
  • believe that God has called clergy to ministry and want to help other colleagues respond to that call in full faithfulness.

…and you want to…..

  • take a concrete step on behalf of a healthier church;
  • join with other colleagues across the nation who share your care and concern;
  • explore the faith dimensions of this crisis among our clergy;
  • be introduced to some new strategies in support of the clergy;
  • be introduced to some new resources that may be of use to your presbytery.

Join with the Synod of the Sun in exploring how we can nurture health in our beloved church. To attend a conference is an investment of time and money. We at the Presbytery Pastoral Care Network plan to offer a rich return on your investment.

We invite you to download the brochure describing this conference and decide whether this might be one of the wise investments of your time on behalf of your presbytery and your colleagues in ministry.

Register now and join your colleagues in strengthening our beloved community.

Admins Share Praise of Thanksgiving for Learning Retreat

“This retreat is AWESOME!”  That is one of many compliments that was heard about the Presbytery of Central Nebraska’s 1st Administrative Learning Retreat that was held in Kearney, August 21-23. Six people were able to attend this year’s retreat representing five different churches.  Thank you Kili Wenburg, Diana Barber, Angie Palmer, and Kerilyn Mersch for sharing your gifts of knowledge both personally and professionally. Thank you to the First Presbyterian church of Kearney for athe use of your building and a special thank you to the Presbytery of Central Nebraska for providing the financial assistance for making the 1st Administrative Learning Retreat a success. 

Admins Share Praise of thanksgiving

It was exactly what the title says, a learning experience and a retreat with friends. All the classes were very helpful, I would say that Kili Wenburg was excellent. Also Angie’s class on “Mastering the Internet” and its security or lack of..was also very helpful. Thanks for Diane for teaching us how to make jewelry, I have Christmas presents for my daughters! Looking forward to next year!!

First Presbyterian Church
Grand Island

I would like to thank the Presbytery for hosting the Administrative Retreat in August and a big thank you to Angie Palmer for putting it all together. What a great time we had of networking with each other and as always being reminded of those things we tend to neglect in our lives and on the job. We spend a lot of our time in our offices alone and this gives us a great time of sharing ideas and problems. One of the highlights for me was the Spiritual Growth session. After working in a church all day we tend to go home and not always attend to our personal spiritual needs. We also talked about prayer, another area I tend to neglect. Thank you so much for this opportunity to relax – renew – rewind (unwind).

Naomi Okoye
First Presbyterian Church
North Platte

Thank you to the Central Nebraska Presbytery for hosting the Administrator’s Learning Retreat.  This retreat gave me a chance to connect with others in my same position within the Presbytery and share ideas and suggestions to help us all improve ourselves as well as being more productive in our positions.  Angie did an excellent job of getting very educated and interesting leaders for the classes. 

 Kili – Spiritual Growth & Disciple
              I learned that my spiritual balance greatly affects my ability to properly function in the position as well as with others.  Good triggers, centering and attending to how I am                       feeling are key points in my spiritual balance.

 Diana – Coaching & Mentoring and Church, Synods, & Presbyteries in Transition
              Using different practice situation roles showed me the importance of active listening without directly repeating what the other person is saying.
               Learning about the process about transitions at all levels of the church reinforced some of the things that I have encountered.  I feel this class was very helpful to the                                  administrators who are not Presbyterians.

Kerilyn – Chair Massage
              Stress is a big factor in my job so learning to do massage techniques to relieve tension is going to be helpful. 

 Angie – Mastering the Internet
              Security of information on our computer systems is an ongoing process.  Angie gave us many good tips of what to look for when receiving emails.

I also really enjoyed learning from Diana how to make bracelets.  It was fun and a great stress releaser for me.

The food was also excellent – Country Catering and Alley Rose besides the snacks provided.

I earned my Level III in the Administrative Personnel Association by attending this retreat.

Thank you again and I hope that the Presbytery will make the money available to have more of these retreats in the future. 

Rose Miller,
Office Administrator/Financial Secretary
First Presbyterian Church of Kearney


Lombard Mennonite Peace Center Announces Training in Kansas City

This fall, when the church restarts its education program for everyone, make sure you’re included, too. Here’s a continuing education opportunity especially for you as a church leader:  Mediation Skills Training Institute for Church Leaders

Kansas City, Missouri

October 6-10, 2014 . (and save money, too)


Please note that their are limited scholarships available to members of our presbytery.